Race Day: August 1st, 2020

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Jordanelle Reservoir Utah

Distance: 2.4 miles / 4 K (4 LOOPS)


Average Water Temp:  63.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 17.5 degrees Celsius 

Gear requirements:  gloves and booties are not permitted. Wetsuits are strongly recommended but not mandatory. 

Description:  There will be 3 big corner buoys on the swim course. There will be smaller buoys between these big buoys to help keep you on course. Athletes will keep all buoys to their right.  Because of the early morning start we will have lights attached to the buoys for sighting purposes because how can you swim towards something you can’t see? After the completion of the fourth loop, athletes will exit the water and head to T1. Hopefully, they will be greeted by their supporters and lots of cheering! 

The Start: The swim starts at 6:00 am at Hailstone Main Park at Jordanelle Reservoir.  Athletes will be required to leave T1 for the swim by 5:45 am. Support crews and spectators are welcome at the swim.  Parking is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.  Also, there will be no road parking in the park, all cars need to park in a parking stall.

Rescue Boats/Kayaks: We will have rescue boats and kayaks during the swim.  These boats will contain a mix of medic personnel and lifeguards along with rescue equipment to aid swimmers in need.

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Distance: 107 miles / 172 K

Elevation Gain: 8,681 feet / 2,646 meters

Peak Altitude: 9,459 feet/2,883 meters


DescriptionThe bike course will be marked at turns with signs letting the athletes and support crews know where to turn. We will have mile marking signs every 10 miles along the course. Any time an athlete needs to cross the road to make a left turn, please be very careful to obey all laws and that you do not impede traffic (this is an open road course)


*As you leave the State Park, you will be entering onto a highway. Make sure to stay to the right of the white line and rumble strips. This is a 5 mile downhill stretch of road.

*After mile 6 you will be turning right onto River Rd.

*After mile 9 you will enter a roundabout. You will exit where you entered and ride back the way you just came.

*Just after mile 12, there is an intersection you will need to travel through. Remember this is an open course and you will need to make sure the light is green before crossing through the intersection.

*Just after mile 35, you will be greeted and helped out by a race volunteer as you turn left off the road into a parking lot. Once in the parking lot, you will ride through the parking lot and back out to the road (This is a great place for crew members to be to help you with any assistance you may need before heading back onto the course).  You will then head down the road you just climbed.

*After mile 47 you will turn right onto State Rd. 32.

*Just before mile 50, you will turn right on Center St.

*Just after mile 50 you will turn right on 300 East and then right on 200 S. Next, there is an intersection you will need to travel through. Remember this is an open course and you will need to make sure the light is green before crossing through the intersection.

*After mile 60 you will turn right onto Browns Canyon Rd.

*After mile 67 you will turn right onto State Rd. 32.

*After mile 78 you will turn right and continue on Sate Rd. 32.

*Just after mile 89, there is an intersection you will need to travel through. Remember this is an open course and you will need to make sure the light is green before crossing through the intersection.

*At mile 92 you will enter a roundabout and take the first exit onto 1050 N.

*Just before mile 101 you will be turning left onto Guardsman Pass Rd.

*Just after mile 105, at the end of Guardsman Pass Rd., you will be turning left onto Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd and head up to Brighton Ski Resort. Make sure there is no traffic traveling either direction as you will be crossing the road.


Extra Caution Area: There will be absolutely no support from the base of Guardsman climb to T2.  Any and all support given must happen before mile 94. We highly encourage giving final support as early as possible to give you enough time to get to the transition from bike to run. We recommend just after mile 86. We are not responsible for and cannot predict traffic conditions that may hinder you from reaching your athlete.  It is your responsibility to get to transition before your athlete. As an athlete, plan on over an hour and a half for this stretch of the ride. If you are found giving your athlete support between the base of Guardsman climb to T2, your athlete will be disqualified. 


Extra Support for Riders on Guardsman Pass: Since support cars are not allowed after mile 94, we will provide 2 vans on this section of the race. These vans will patrol from mile 95 to mile 102. These vans will be stocked with water, some nutrition and bike supplies. 


Insider tips: This can be a long day for the support crew, so we would like to try and take a little of the planning and worrying about car fuel and fuel for yourself out of the equation. On the bike course there is only one area where you can find gas stations. You will find both of these gas stations between miles 49 and 51. Also between miles 76 and 77. Along with these gas stations, you will find a grocery store and a Subway. Another section of the course that has a gas station and food options nearby is around mile 92, just before the final climb and finish. Just 2 miles off the course, on Main St. in Midway, you will find 2 more gas stations, a grocery store and another Subway. If you feel you need something more than these options you can always head into Heber, just under 4 miles off the course. Heber has a larger selection on gas stations, fast food options and additional grocery stores. One last place you can find gas and fuel for yourself before getting to Brighton is in Park City. This is when you are off the course and making your way to T2. You will find many gas stations and food options while driving through here. Remember once you get up to the finish, Brighton Resort, there are no more gas stations or grocery stores. Brighton will be offering food from their facility.

T2: Only the registered support crew member is allowed into T2 with a wristband. This crew member can be inside T2 waiting for their athlete to arrive. Once the athlete arrives, it is the crew member’s job to help their athlete get ready for the run. Once the athlete is ready for the run, it becomes the crew member’s job to clean up all of their athlete’s equipment. This includes all clothing, gear and bike itself. The crew member will need to take all their athlete’s equipment out of T2. 

Gear Requirements: Sunglasses (tinted or clear) are suggested, a front-facing solid white headlight and rear-facing red blinking light (both mounted to the bike), bright colors are highly recommended or reflective vest, flat changing kit, fully charged cell phone.

Obey Traffic Laws: This is a completely open bike course without any law enforcement.  All athletes are to obey traffic laws and rules of the roadways at all times.  This includes arm signals when turning and stopping when required to do so by signs and signals.  You must have your front and rear lights on, and a cell phone with you at all times. Additionally, there is no littering.

Support: Support must offer athlete support from outside the vehicle. Absolutely no support is given to your athlete while the car is moving.  Support cannot be offered from the shoulder or road.  All support must take place either from the gravel (beyond the shoulder) or within a parking lot pull off.  Support may NEVER park on the southbound side of the road and may NEVER cross lanes of the road on foot.  There is no event supplied support.  You need to know how to fix and service your bike!


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Distance: 21.6 miles / 35 K (2 loops)


Elevation Gain: 5,944 feet/1,811 meters

Peak Altitude: 10,390 feet/3,166 meters

Description: the run course will take place on the trails around Brighton Resort. The course will be a two loop course. The course will be marked with color flags. For night time racing, we will mark sections of the course with glow sticks to indicate major turns.


The course starts at the bottom of Milly Express chair lift and follows the service road up to Twin Lakes Reservoir. The course then goes around Twin Lakes Reservoir counter clockwise. From here the course jumps on a trail that will take athletes next to Lake Mary. From here the course joins the Lake Mary trail heading up the mountain. This trail will take you towards Sunset Peak. You will reach the turn around before reaching Sunset Peak and head back down. Along this section of trail you will encounter what we call the "Sand Wall" (we highly recommend gators). You will begin heading back down the same trail you came up on for just a little bit. The course will take a right on the trail and go around Lake Catherine.  After going around Lake Catherine you will continue back down the same trail to Lake Mary. Once back at Lake Mary the course will turn right. You will follow the trail till you reach the trail head to go up to Clayton Peak. At the top, Clayton Peak, the course meets up with Western Trail. Here you will turn left and heads toward the Great Western Express chair lift. Just before the last climb up to the Great Western Express chair lift the course turns left down Elk Park ski run. The course follows Elk Park ski run and then jumps onto the Golden Needle ski run. The course will go by the Snake Creek Express chair lift and run down Snake Creek Rd (service road). Once at the bottom of the trail the course turns left and follows a trail next to the parking lot. The trail comes out at  the bottom of Milly Express chair lift where the 2nd loop begins.


The second loop can look two different ways

Regular Loop: As long as an athlete reaches Lake Mary before 9:00 pm, the athlete can complete the full second loop of the run course. The course is the exact same as the first loop.

Shorter Loop: If an athlete reaches Lake Mary any time after 9:00 pm, the volunteers will inform them they will not be able to continue on the trail up towards Sunset Peak. The athlete will need to follow the trail till they reach the trail head to go up to Clayton Peak and finish the loop the same way they did the first time through.

No second loop: If an athlete completes the first loop any time after 10:00 pm the athlete will not be able to complete any part of the second loop. 


Gear Requirements: Each athlete and/or support person will need to have a water bladder or bottle system, headlamp, cell phone, small rechargeable battery pack and enough nutrition to get through the first loop then fill up with enough to make it to the finish. Trail shoes are recommended as the majority of the run will be on trails. Hiking poles may be used, but are not required. If you choose to use them, please practice hiking with them prior to race day.


Athlete Support: While on the run course, the athlete may have one additional crew member with them. This is not limited to the registered support crew member. 


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